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Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate or PAANa is a kind of water soluble resin. It is colorless or light yellow viscous liquid with alkalescence and corrosivity. The PH range is around 4. It is easily soluble in sodium hydroxide and subsides in calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. It is non-toxic.
Molecular formula: [C3H3O2Na]n
Molecular weight: Mw <10000
CAS No.: 9003-04-7
Performance and property: it is water soluble linear chain high-molecular polymer. It can be used as water quality stabilizer, scaling control agent, coating thickening agent, water-retaining agent, flocculating agent, high water-absorbing resin, soil improvement agent and food tackifier, emulsion dispersing agent.
Dissolution performance: It is easily soluble in sodium hydroxide and subsides in calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide.
Manufacturing method: it is produced by the reaction of acrylic acid or acrylate ester with sodium hydroxide and removing of sodium hydroxide, with sodium hydroxide and PH range adjustment.
1. used as thickening agent in food industry.
2. used as electrolyte to interact with protein to change protein structure.
3. Application example: bread, cake, noodle, canned food, béchamel, jam, juice, jam and frozen foods.
4. used to accelerate solution rate by the mixing with granulated sugar and emulgator.
5. used as clarifying agent of liquid glucose, saline water and drink.

Product introduction

The product is water soluble linear chain high polymer and provided to customer in powder or colloid. It can be used as flocculating agent, thickening agent, food additives and etc in many fields as food industry, industrial waste water treatment field and daily use chemical products.

Technical index
white particel or powder
molecular weight(myriad)
dissolution time (h)
active ingredient (%)
viscosity(0.2%aqueous solution, mPa.s)
Packing, storage and transportation
It is packed with inner plastic woven bag or paper-plastic compound bag or according to customer requirements. Heat and moisture should be avoided in storage and transportation. The stacking layer should be no more than 20. The storage period is 2 years.
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